An amazing looking and possibly addicting multiplayer heist game. Like that of Oceans Eleven you will be able to work as a team online to reach the prize in the back of the Casino. The thing that surprised me the most was the multilayer feature, which separates it from most titles. Each player has a specific job such as “The Hacker.” and “The Muscle”. Although the lights may seem distracting the game play will be focused on your character only.

” I haven’t had this much fun with 4-player co-op since The Behemoth’s Castle Crashers came out in 2008, and I suspect very deeply that Monaco is going to be this year’s breakaway indie hit.” – Motherboard.tv

Monaco does not have a current release date but is promised to be released on Pc and Mac and at least one console.


Indie Game:The Movie

Indie game developers and players alike are excited for the release of a new and interesting documentary called Indie Game: The Movie. showing the emotion and attachment to games that developers created for the pure entertainment of others. As developers release their content they are also releasing their identity as an artist to the world, which leaves room for criticism.
Indie Game: The Movie is about the process of making games and the process of revealing yourself as a creative individual.

The focus of the documentary is the story of Tommy Refenes and Edmund Mcmillen – who are the developers of widely known game Super Meat Boy. Phil Fish, creator of Fez and his journey spending years on development before revealing his work.

Pre order’s available.

Gamer's Choice AwardTen finalists have been announced with the winners to be announced on February 10 at the 2012 D.I.C.E summit in Las Vegas.

The ten finalists will receive:

  • two full passes to the D.I.C.E Summit
  • Up to $2000 per team for traveling expenses
  • An audition session with a professional game publisher (Capcom, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Activision, Nintendo, Sony, THQ, and Ubisoft)
  • Three skill award winners will receive $2500

and grand prize of $100,000 to the challenge winner.

nominees for the 2012 Indie Game Challenge are as follows:

– Blendo Games – Atom Zombie Smasher
– Eyebrow Interactive – Closure
– Zeroscale – Demolition, Inc.
– Team Nitronic – Nitronic Rush
– Paradox Shift – Paradox Shift
– Empty Clip Studios, Inc. – Symphony
– Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda – The Bridge
– Team Dream – The Dream Machine
– The Fourth Team – The Fourth Wall
– Facepalm Games – The Swapper

2011 finalists 2010 finalists


“A minimalist game about friendship and jumping.” Developed by Mike Bithell, the lead designer of Bossa Studios. Thomas Was Alone starts out as an easy to pick up Platformer but develops into a more complicated world. Its not as simple as controlling your rectangle to the finish line but a combination of shapes working together. knowing each shapes function can help you create a strategic plan to finishing a level.

Said to be released on Mac and Pc. April, 2012.