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After taking care of SOPA and PIPA we are thrown another fast ball. ACTA alone could destroy the internet, which would lead to the destruction of gaming among many things. These bills that are getting passed and those supporting are by a generation who do not understand what the Internet is. The difference between SOPA and ACTA is that SOPA was a bill proposed in the United States while ACTA is generally international and supported by 27 U.N countries. ACTA will prevent you from messaging a friend without it being monitored. The video above may explain it better so I urge you to watch it and share with anyone you can.


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Gamer's Choice AwardTen finalists have been announced with the winners to be announced on February 10 at the 2012 D.I.C.E summit in Las Vegas.

The ten finalists will receive:

  • two full passes to the D.I.C.E Summit
  • Up to $2000 per team for traveling expenses
  • An audition session with a professional game publisher (Capcom, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Activision, Nintendo, Sony, THQ, and Ubisoft)
  • Three skill award winners will receive $2500

and grand prize of $100,000 to the challenge winner.

nominees for the 2012 Indie Game Challenge are as follows:

– Blendo Games – Atom Zombie Smasher
– Eyebrow Interactive – Closure
– Zeroscale – Demolition, Inc.
– Team Nitronic – Nitronic Rush
– Paradox Shift – Paradox Shift
– Empty Clip Studios, Inc. – Symphony
– Ty Taylor and Mario Castaneda – The Bridge
– Team Dream – The Dream Machine
– The Fourth Team – The Fourth Wall
– Facepalm Games – The Swapper

2011 finalists 2010 finalists

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