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“A top-down space shooter in a mmo sandbox.” – SS2 devolpers.

In Star Sonata 2 you control your ship in real time action. Take territory and build stations in the pursuit of becoming crowned emperor of the universe. From a first look at this game it looks to be similar to EVE online although both started to release versions around the same time and SS2 has some unique features. Every few months the universe resets and your character remains the same to prevent groups from becoming to powerful, which in turn would ruin the game for new players if groups were able to do so. This game is using a 3d engine but still has the aspect of a 2d game that everyone enjoyed in the previous game.

What makes this game more interesting from similar games is its combat system. Its not as simple as right clicking a button constantly grinding your characters level. This game also has a large PVE side which helps with character advancement.

There are currently about 900 members playing daily. This game is free to play while there is a Premium subscription for as low as $7/m.

Free download (131.09 MB )

Star Sonata 2 Website


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