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After taking care of SOPA and PIPA we are thrown another fast ball. ACTA alone could destroy the internet, which would lead to the destruction of gaming among many things. These bills that are getting passed and those supporting are by a generation who do not understand what the Internet is. The difference between SOPA and ACTA is that SOPA was a bill proposed in the United States while ACTA is generally international and supported by 27 U.N countries. ACTA will prevent you from messaging a friend without it being monitored. The video above may explain it better so I urge you to watch it and share with anyone you can.


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Indie game developers and players alike are excited for the release of a new and interesting documentary called Indie Game: The Movie. showing the emotion and attachment to games that developers created for the pure entertainment of others. As developers release their content they are also releasing their identity as an artist to the world, which leaves room for criticism.
Indie Game: The Movie is about the process of making games and the process of revealing yourself as a creative individual.

The focus of the documentary is the story of Tommy Refenes and Edmund Mcmillen – who are the developers of widely known game Super Meat Boy. Phil Fish, creator of Fez and his journey spending years on development before revealing his work.

Pre order’s available.

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