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Steam has released an app for android and ios. Now you will be able to keep in contact with your friends on gaming and keep in up to date news on Steam sales. Steam chat will be similar to texting and you will be able to see what your friends are playing. Although this is still in beta so for a short period of time some of us will have to wait. Click the Steam logo for more!


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With Zelda’s quests and fighting style and Minecraft’s worldly feel. Cube World has been in development by one person and he said he wants to finish it by himself. Although this game is in the Alpha stages it is looking highly promising. Using the Voxel engine players can play online or by themselves in a world of cubes. A recent update pulled from Wollay’s blog showing a awesome new feature that allows you to build in the style of a Sims game, adding wall by wall to build your home. More than any other game in development am I excited to play currently and I hope Wollay releases a Alpha stage of the game online. I also wouldnt mind seeing an MMO version with either an open world or a lobby system. The game is still in early development so I leave you with the video until news progresses.

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Vessel by Strange Loop Games is a unique looking puzzle game set in a Steampunked world. Created with a custom engine focused on liquid simulation and physics. After an invention named Fluro was created by M. Arkwright the world has changed. Fluro workers have replaced Human labour. In the game you must use the Fluro’s to bring animation to any liquid. Knowing the purpose of the liquid can help you complete levels. Throughout the game you are to discover what M. Arkwright’s next mystery invention “The Accelerator” might be. It seems as if  “The Accelerator” may be invented for something uncivil.

Strange Loop Games might be going in the right direction with this game. As a company they stated on their website that they are looking towards the best hardware for game play and not just graphics, which is perfect for the type of people that enjoy a car’s performance before looking at the paint job. Games like Minecraft by Mojang have tried this approach and it has worked flawlessly.

I hope to see more from Strange Loop Games in the hopes to keep imagination at a high level. The game seems to have a lot of potential for an in depth story and people spending hours trying to figure out a puzzle.

Announced to be released on March 1st on PC with Steam and possibly a later date for console.

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