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There was a big hype recently over Zynga directly ripping off Nimblebit’s game of the year on apple called TinyTower. This post that Ian Marsh had posted on Twitter. At first this made me pretty angry that a company could go so low. After the fact that Zynga initially tried to buy Nimblebit as a company but they refused, but hey at least they offered to own the company before owning the game, right? Its sad that a group of three people have more creativity than a near three thousand employee’s that Zynga has. I wrote a long article ranting about  “WTF was Zynga thinking?!?”  The app I was writing it on glitched and terminated but in the end I had time to think and now I am happy, so now I can give you my fully revised thoughts on this issue.

Small time company’s such as single individuals working on a project spend the time to be fully creative. Majority of new content is usually created with flash and posted online. Then the bigger company’s get to steal that game concept or game itself and add a few minor tweaks to make it there own, the same as you would do with a High school essay using Wikipedia. Although not every company completely rips off a game. Some take the concept idea and make a new game evolved from the original idea. Which is awesome. Minecraft evolved from Infiniminer and it turned out to be a great creative game. Credit was given where it needed to be given. What bugs me is the company’s that rip off a game and claim it has nothing to do with the game that they copied it from. Angry birds copied the game concept of Crush The Castle and just tweaked it to their own art and music. Angry Birds is one of the most popular games for IOS and is world renown but not to many people know about Crush The Castle and it is to the point that people will play this game and say “This is a complete rip off of Angry Birds.”

XGenStudio’s replied to Nimblebit with this post saying they are not the only one, and to take it as a comment. “Imitation is the sincerest of flattery” – Charles Caleb ColtenI can see why Nimblebit is dissapointed but there really is nothing you can do. Myself typing this is not going to magically change the market in gaming. There is going to be greed in any market where there is money to be made. I just needed to get rid of this itch. I know what it is like to spend hard hours on something only for it all to be for nothing and it becomes frustrating when its a common occurrence. For now we can just hope that future developing titles become more original.


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